Couantry House
"Las Tercias"

rural houses in asturias

Country house for 6 people

the house

The rural house «Las Tercias» is located in Niembro, a small town just 8 km away from Llanes. Niembro has 2 wonderful beaches, Toranda and Torimbia, as well as the Niembro inlet, which is one of the most beautiful places in the whole Cantabric coast.

«Las Tercias» is a full rental housae with a maximum capacity of 6 people.

House layout: 

  •  1 bedroom with a 1’35 bed.
  • 2 bedrooms with two 0’90 beds each.
  • 1 bathroom with bathtub.
  • Livind-dining room.
  • Kitchen with views.
  • Terrace.
  • Fully closed garden.

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